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ACLU Missouri

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The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Missouri is a registered 501(c)3 organization. It is the organization through which the ACLU carries out its legal advocacy, litigation, and publication work in Missouri. The ACLU of Missouri defends civil liberties and the principles of equality and justice in Missouri through its litigation, legislative, and public education programs. Their work is based primarily on the U.S. Constitution, which, along with state and federal laws, protects certain fundamental rights of individuals against the power of the government and the will of the majority. The ACLU works to extend protection to segments of our population who have traditionally been denied these rights. They include racial minorities, sexual minorities, prisoners, soldiers, people with disabilities, and children in the custody of the state. Subsequently, the ACLU of Missouri is committed to helping Missouri re-envision a criminal justice system that is fair and free of racial bias, keeps our communities safe, and respects the rights of all who come into contact with it. The ACLU is collaborating with conservatives and progressives alike to push for change in Missouri’s policing laws that both build trust and keeps communities safe. 

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