Actual Innocence Clinic at the University of Texas School of Law

Actual Innocence Clinic at the University of Texas School of Law

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Actual Innocence Clinic (AIC) is a law clinic at the University of Texas School of Law. Students screen and investigate claims by incarcerated people that they are actually innocent of the offenses for which they are incarcerated. While investigating cases, students typically interview witnesses, research cases, review trial transcripts, and visit incarcerated people in prison. The weekly clinic class addresses topics relevant to actual innocence law and procedure. The Actual Innocence does not accept cases by telephone or e-mail. A written request from the incarcerated person must be sent to the clinic; it cannot come from family or friends. The AIC only accepts cases from prisoners currently serving a sentence resulting from a felony conviction within Texas.  They do not accept cases from prisoners who have an attorney representing them and are pending on direct appeal. The clinic does not accept cases involving DWIs or federal offenses. Due to limited resources, the clinic cannot accept cases from prisoners on parole or probation, or offenders who have already served their sentence.

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