aha! Process, Inc.

aha! Process, Inc.

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aha! Process, Inc. is a community-based organization that provides workshops and resources to help improve lives and build sustainable success in communities, schools, and higher education. aha! Process was founded in 1996 by bestselling author Ruby K. Payne as a way to enable individuals, institutions, and communities to stabilize and grow resources for all, particularly those in poverty. This award-winning training and publishing company works in many sectors of a community to create a common language and understanding. The goal of their criminal justice programs is to reduce repeat offenses and conserve the limited resources critical to the criminal justice system. aha! Process’s Bridges Out of Poverty program enables judges, first responders, parole officers, law enforcement professionals and others to better understand the dynamics that lead to repeated arrests and incarcerations. It also helps build the resources justice-impacted people need to break the cycle and build better lives for themselves and their families. Contact aha! Process, Inc. directly for more information on their programs.
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