Alameda County Homeless Action Center

Alameda County Homeless Action Center

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The Homeless Action Center is a community based organization that serves individuals experiencing housing insecurity. Their mission is to advocate for high quality public benefits for individuals experiencing homelessness and members of Alameda County living with disabilities. Staff and volunteers understand that a lack of public support systems perpetuates homelessness, and navigating the requirements of various social programs can be difficult for many. They are prepared to assist individuals, as well as work with local nonprofit organizations to implement effective assistance locating, applying for and maintaining public benefits. Their mission is to help end homelessness in Alameda County by ensuring that all those who qualify for support services are able to access their full benefits. Additionally, The Homeless Action Center offers limited legal representation at no cost to clients, mental health support and assistance applying for food stamps. For more information or to request help, individuals should contact the organization directly.
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