Albany Second Chance

Albany Second Chance

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Albany Second Chance is a subsidiary of the International Development Resource Organization focused on supporting justice involved individuals. They are a nonprofit organization which serves currently and formerly incarcerated individuals through judicial and restorative justice services. Many of the programs offered are intentionally designed to operate as alternatives to incarceration, particularly to those who benefit from substance abuse treatment, mental health services and other community intervention efforts. They provide assistance with: pardons, post-release intervention, chemical dependence counseling and treatment, records expungement, life skills courses, parenting workshops, self advocacy workshops and other direct services. Their goal is to directly impact incarceration rates and reduce the cycle of recidivism by ensuring that all justice involved individuals have the best chance at a successful, permanent reentry into the community after incarceration. For more information about specific services offered by Albany Second Chance, contact the organization directly using the information provided on this page.
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