Alpha Human Services Outpatient Treatment Program

Alpha Human Services Outpatient Treatment Program

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The Outpatient Treatment Program at Alpha Human Services is a treatment program offered to a misdemeanor and felony sex offenders, including treatment for elderly offenders, non-contact offenders, female sex offenders, and adult and child pornography (usually internet) offenders. Alpha Human Services is a private nonprofit organization treating most categories of sexually deviant behavior. The overall goal of the Outpatient Treatment Program is to reduce the likelihood of a recurrence of inappropriate or deviant sexual behavior. Any individual who is court-referred, on probation, work release, supervised release or in other community programming or residential treatment programs is eligible for this program. Outpatient sexual behavior groups at Alpha are intensive and focus on behavioral goals as well as emotional and psychological development. Participants learn to distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate sexual fantasies and learn techniques to prevent the highly reinforcing practice of masturbating to deviant sexual fantasies. Each client is expected to develop genuine empathy for his or her victim(s) which is achieved through a variety of therapeutic techniques, such as role-playing and/or writing a letter of apology to the victim. Completing a reoffense prevention plan is required during treatment. Monthly individual and occasional couples or family sessions are offered to each group member as an adjunct to group therapy. When indicated, individual psychotherapy without group participation is also offered.

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