Amity Foundation

Amity Foundation

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The Amity Foundation is a community based organization dedicated to serving underserved populations through advocacy and direct support. Their mission is to ensure that individuals who are typically marginalized on the basis of chemical dependence, trauma, justice involvement, socioeconomic status, race, sex, access to housing and victimization. Staff and volunteers hope to improve wellness and encourage economic, social and environmental justice. The organization takes a broad approach to justice, including research and development, implementation of new strategies and the sharing of information to support community building. They have various campuses across California, including some campuses inside correctional facilities to assist currently incarcerated individuals. Direct services include individual mentorship, wellness exercises and treatment, educational support and assistance obtaining employment and safe housing. They also help participants reunite with families whenever possible. For more information about the specific services offered by the Amity Foundation, contact them directly using the information on this page.
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