Apology Letter Bank Program – WY Board of Parole

Apology Letter Bank Program – WY Board of Parole

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The Apology Letter Bank is a program offered by the Wyoming Board of Parole. The program offers restorative justice that allows incarcerated people to write letters of apology to their victims for their crimes. Letters accepted into the Letter Bank remain there until victims choose to receive them. The Letter Bank is a safe system for the victim to receive a letter of apology from the wrongdoer when and if desired. This helpful tool is often the missing piece for some victims. For some victims, an apology is all they need from their offender. Other victims may need an apology letter and much more, while some victims have no interest in anything from the offender. Each victim’s needs are different and must be given the right to choose if they want the apology letter or not. For the wrongdoer who writes a letter of apology, it is often his/her attempt to communicate accountability, genuine remorse, and acknowledgment for the pain caused by their actions. The letter does not offer excuses or requests for forgiveness. Involvement in this process is completely voluntary and does not affect the incarcerated person’s release dates or other conditions of incarceration. 

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