Appalachian Prison Book Project

Appalachian Prison Book Project

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The Appalachian Prison Book Project, or APBP, is a nonprofit organization that sends free books to people imprisoned in six Appalachian states. Alongside free book services, APBP, in partnership with the West Virginia University Department of English, hosts book clubs to prisons in West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, and Maryland. These book clubs provide incarcerated men and women with an opportunity to read, discuss, and write about literature. The Appalachian Prison Book Project is leading an effort to bring for-credit college courses into prison, which generate hope, direction, and purpose to incarcerated individuals. In an effort to share creative work as means of expression and dialogue, APBP is committed to providing a forum—“These Walls Can Talk” for currently incarcerated people. In addition, a pen pal program is offered to support incarcerated people in the six states they serve and Pennsylvania, where their organization is involved in higher education initiatives. Contact the Appalachian Prison Book Project directly to learn more about their services.
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