Arizona Correctional Industries

Arizona Correctional Industries

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Arizona Correctional Industries (ACI) is a self-funded business within the Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation and Reentry (ADCRR). ACI creates innovative solutions and products for customers while helping thousands of incarcerated people gain valuable job skills to lead productive lives. Their mission is to serve and protect the people of Arizona by securely incarcerating convicted prisoners, providing structured programming designed to support prisoner accountability and successful community reintegration, and providing effective supervision for incarcerated people conditionally released from prison. In addition, they aim to increase the number of valuable work opportunities for incarcerated people through diverse business operations and vocational training that facilitate a productive life and smooth transition back into the community. ACI’s capabilities and products are office furniture, printing and signage, metal fabrication, wood fabrication, refurbishing and upholstery, Vinyl wrapping, EF Block and more. For eligibility and other information, please contact the Arizona Correctional Industries using the information provided on this page.
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