Arizona Rehabilitation Services Administration

Arizona Rehabilitation Services Administration

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Located in Phoenix Arizona, Arizona Rehabilitation Services Administration works to promote enhanced safety and well-being for Arizonans by focusing on three primary goals, strengthening individuals and families; increasing self-sufficiency; and, developing the capacity of communities. The organization works to make Arizona stronger by helping Arizonans reach their potential through temporary assistance for those in need, and care for the vulnerable. This includes aiding the elderly, childcare, the homeless, justice-impacted individuals, and many more disenfranchised people throughout Arizona. Additionally, Arizona Rehabilitation Services Administration assists individuals who have disabilities overcome barriers to employment and become as economically independent as possible. The services they provide are created to ensure clients are able to reach their full potential through social services that train, rehabilitate, and connect them with job creators. Some of these services include a vocational rehabilitation program, a housing and shelter program, a prison reentry program, food and medical assistance, and more. If you are an individual in Arizona in need of assistance, or a potential employee passionate about helping others, Arizona Rehabilitation Services can be contacted directly for more information.

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