Arkansas Time After Time

Arkansas Time After Time

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Arkansas Time After Time, or ATAT, is an independent legislative advocacy group dedicated to raising awareness about sex offender laws. Since their inception in 2010, their mission has been to help create safer communities and, above all, protect children. In order to do this, Arkansas Time After Time believes we must learn to differentiate between truly dangerous predators and individuals who at some time in their past committed a sex-related offense, served their sentence, completed or are currently undergoing treatment, and are working hard to re-integrate into society. Arkansas Time After Time brings together registered offenders along with their family members, loved ones, and friends; professionals in the field of mental health care; legislators; the media; and victims of sex crimes in a unified effort to make things better for everyone. Additional information and resources about the services they provide can be found on their website. Please reach out to Arkansas Time After Time directly for answers to any questions.
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