BarNone, Inc.

BarNone, Inc.

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BarNone is a community based nonprofit organization that seeks to educate community stakeholders, advocate for equitable justice and refer individuals in need. They work toward these goals by hosting Idaho Reentry Summit events, facilitating social media campaigns and speaking to Idahoans to encourage open communication, partnership and learning of the criminal legal system, statistics, and of the people who are most often impacted by incarceration. They also work with members of the legislature, municipalities and various agencies to influence public policy. While their direct services are extremely limited, staff connect individuals with community resources and support when they are reentering the community after a period of incarceration and centralize the information for those resources. Their goal is to combine the efforts of individuals and community stakeholders toward a more equitable system of justice focused on restoration, not punishment. For more information, individuals should contact the organization directly using the information on this page.
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