Barre Community Justice Center

Barre Community Justice Center

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The Barre Community Justice Center, or CJC, is a nonprofit organization that helps people resolve conflicts, listen to victims, repair harm and address community issues. They have a two-fold mission: Engage people in restoring relationships, repairing past harms and building community connections through education and dialogue. Secondly, to provide support and transitional housing for previously incarcerated individuals. Barre CJC’s transitional housing offers stable housing in a safe and sober living environment. They connect the residents with appropriate service providers for health care, food assistance, substance use disorder and mental health counseling, recovery communities, job training and placement, and more. Safe Driving is an educational program designed to teach about the consequences and effects of unsafe, impaired or distracted driving. The Center receives referrals from the Department of Corrections. To find out more about Barre Community Justice Center and their community-based programs, contact them directly using the information provided on this page.
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