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Bet Tzedek

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Bet Tzedek is a California-based organization that provides free, expert legal advice and representation to low-income residents of Los Angeles County. They help improve the safety and quality of life for older or disabled adults and their families. Services include housing protection, estate planning, public benefits, elder abuse prevention, etc. Bet Tzedek also provides workers direct representation in individual and class action cases, helps thousands of workers know their rights, assists trafficked laborers who were illegally denied earned wages, creates opportunities for entrepreneurship and small business development in marginalized and under-served communities, and aids low-income households facing tax controversies. They also provide a variety of materials that may be of help to you – from FAQs and “Quick Facts” to announcements about virtual Clinics, to brochures and “How To” manuals. Select a topic area, then simply click on a link to download the resource directly to your desktop. The resource will automatically download to your computer.

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