Blood-n-Fire Ministries Muncie

Blood-n-Fire Ministries Muncie

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Blood-n-Fire Ministries Muncie is a faith based organization committed to community outreach in Muncie, Indiana. Blood-n-Fire Ministries Muncie is a missional community that embraces new and creative ways to practice age old faith through the love of Jesus Christ. Truth seekers are encouraged to attend their fellowship services to learn about advancing the Kingdom of God through an Agape reformation. Blood-n-Fire Ministries Muncie offers multiple services for individuals and families in need including maintaining a vegetable garden, free community meals, a food pantry, and their community empowerment kitchen. Their Community Christmas Store offers eligible impoverished parents with the opportunity to purchase low cost gifts for their children. Additionally, they run a neighborhood beautification program where youth volunteers provide yard care to elderly residents of Muncie. Individuals can view operation hours and a calendar of events on their website. Contact Blood-n-Fire Ministries Muncie directly for answers to any questions or for more information on their outreach programs and services.

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