Boaz and Ruth

Boaz and Ruth

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Boaz and Ruth (B&R) is a community-based organization that is dedicated to rebuilding lives and communities through relationships, training, transitional jobs, and economic revitalization. B&R aims to connect across race, economic, and geographic divides of Richmond, Virginia by providing support, resources and training to individuals. They seek changes in the justice system to ensure fair sentencing and address the disproportionate sentences handed down to Black Americans. To encourage and support the economic progress of individuals in the community, B&R shares its facilities and training opportunities with North District residents. GED classes, computer training and computer lab use developed for B&R clients are available to the community, and the planned expansion of job placement services will also be offered to residents to help provide “a way out” of poverty and hopelessness. B&R have developed a formal reentry program to help individuals rebalance their lives. When someone is released from prison, a decent job, a safe home and healthy relationships are hard to come by and therefore, B&R helps to overcome these community challenges.

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