Bread Line, Inc.

Bread Line, Inc.

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Bread Line, Inc. is a nonprofit anti-hunger organization that has been serving the Fairbanks, Alaska area since 1984. This inclusive and accessible corporation is made possible by community support and a team of volunteers. They offer free services to food insecure Fairbanksans. These services include a downtown Fairbanks soup kitchen open five days per week, a downtown community garden, and volunteering programs. In addition, Bread Line, Inc. offers their Stone Throw program geared towards empowering people to make real life change. This 12 week program is supported by other local agencies in an effort to offer participants with critical skill development opportunities, interpersonal interaction and life skills. Services are primarily focused on advancing culinary technical skills, food safety training, and coachability, all of which are necessary for success in the workforce. Contact Bread Line, Inc. directly for answers to any questions or for more information on their programs and services.

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