Broward County Sheriff Day Reporting and Reentry Division

Broward County Sheriff Day Reporting and Reentry Division

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The Day Reporting and Reentry Division is part of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office tasked with supporting individuals during their return to the community. The division assists with assists with reintegrating individuals back into the community following release from the county facility. They offer support mechanisms needed to transition successfully back in to the community and their activity to prevent recidivism. The Division works with individuals to identify and address underlying factors such as chemical dependence, joblessness, and/or mental illness which may contribute to their criminal behavior. The program begins while individuals are serving their sentence. A supervision and reentry plan is developed and a compliance agreement is signed. The plan includes the level of supervision, community service hours, employment search, counseling, training, daily schedules, and any court-ordered conditions. Once released, supervision specialists monitor each individual’s activity in the community. Participants are also placed on an electronic monitor providing an added level of security.
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