BTC Building Brighter Futures

BTC Building Brighter Futures

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BTC Building Brighter Futures is a service-providing organization that advocates for clients to achieve their individual desired goals. They achieve this through the training and social services we provide often to at-risk job seekers including ex-offenders. BTC’s mission is to provide at-risk job seekers a range of specialized services designed to educate, provide direction, counsel, and empower individuals and their families. BTC pride themselves on serving clients with a “human touch,” treating them with respect, empathy, and compassion– not as just another number. A key component of their core principles, BTC clients are on a one-on-one basis, thus allowing the opportunity to assist them in designing their personal roadmap in how to achieve their desired goals. BTC offers services and programs that represent a systematic approach to success for our clients both personally and professionally. Utilizing an established network of resources, BTC is able to assess client needs and create personal career and educational action plans, as well as provide career training and job placement. Some of these services include career readiness training, construction readiness skills training, customized one-on-one job development, employment referrals, computer training, and much more.

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