California Prison Focus

California Prison Focus

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California Prison Focus is dedicated to abolishing the prison industrial complex and ending the use of solitary confinement. One part of the work California Prison Focus does involves acting as a watchdog for injustices that occur inside correctional facilities. They monitor the treatment of incarcerated individuals, with a special focus on uses of solitary confinement. California Prison Focus prepares and releases reports based on research and data compiled at various prisons. These reports are based on direct correspondence with incarcerated individuals, and their findings are distributed to key policymakers, community leaders and local advocates for incarcerated people’s rights. Their mission is to amplify the voices of incarcerated individuals and improve community awareness around the dangers of solitary confinements. Community members who wish to learn more about the work can subscribe to the California Prison Focus Newsletter. Incarcerated individuals can reach out to the organization directly to share their stories of injustice.
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