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Campaign 4 Change

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Campaign 4 Change (C4C) is a nonprofit organization committed to enhancing the quality of life for all citizens and improving the image of our communities through extensive community service efforts to educate, empower, and change the negative mindset of today’s youth. They serve people with no hope that struggles with substance abuse and poverty. Their main focus is on the inner city, high poverty, and low-income households. More specifically, youth who are known to be involved in gangs. Campaign 4 Change’s purpose is to initiate collaborative efforts to bring Citizens, Businesses, and Community organizations together to improve the living conditions in the city of Durham and bridge the gaps that affect the economically and socially disadvantaged. C4C provides a street-level, comprehensive, culturally competent and unique approach to influence the most difficult to reach troubled youth. They offer various projects such as street life education workshop series, 7 elements of healthy living, 15 principles of success, gang prevention and intervention and negative effects of Hip Hop culture.

They also organize various outreach initiatives. For example, C4C’s Summer tour is a free community cookout that presents awareness workshops throughout the day. C4C distributes books, hygiene products, computers, haircuts, hairdos, gift cards from local businesses to the impoverished community. Resources available are HIV Testing, Employment and Job Readiness Training, Substance Abuse Assistance, Mental Health Services, Programs, GED Program enrollment, Free Health Care, Free Educational Supplies, STD Educational services, and more. 

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