Catholic Mobilizing Network

Catholic Mobilizing Network

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The Catholic Mobilizing Network is a nationwide organization committed to advocating against the death penalty and reform the justice system. Their mission is to empower, educate and activate Catholic communities across the country in a shared goal to end capital punishment in America, and to shift from a punitive justice system to one focused on restorative justice. Catholic Mobilizing Network believes that their religious beliefs require that they advocate for the humane treatment of all individuals, for forgiveness in the eyes of God, and for second changes in the wake of poor choices. Through the organization, members actively work with policymakers to advocate for more equitable justice laws centered on community restoration. They also educate community members about the realities of the death penalty, the importance of restorative justice and the need to end our fixation on the carceral state. For more information about the organization, contact Catholic Mobilizing Network directly.
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