Center for Children’s Law and Policy

Center for Children’s Law and Policy

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The Center for Children’s Law and Policy is an organization that believes strongly in alternatives to incarceration for young people. Their mission is to work toward a world where the response to justice involved youth is age appropriate, free of racial bias, and restorative in nature. Staff and volunteers understand the implications of processing young people through correctional facilities. Their work is specifically designed to end mass incarceration and break the cycle of generational incarceration by intervening with young people before they enter the incarceration system. Staff members participate in ongoing learning that includes: training, technical assistance, administrative and legal advocacy, research, media outreach and public education. Their work centers on three guiding principles: eliminating racial and ethnic disparities in the justice system, reducing unnecessary incarceration and improving conditions inside correctional facilities. For more information about direct services or to inquire about advocacy work, contact the Center for Children’s Law and Policy directly.
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