Center for Community Transitions

Center for Community Transitions

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The Center for Community Transitions is a nonprofit organization developed to offer a community alternative to crime and support individuals during reentry. Their mission is to build strong bonds within the community by assisting people with criminal convictions locate a healthier and more successful way of living. Their work includes job development and reintegration services, advocacy for alternatives to incarceration, community restoration and family reunification counseling. Their goal is to disrupt the cycle of incarceration and help justice-impacted individuals avoid recidivism by becoming productive members of society, and to advocate for social justice equity that protects all community stakeholders. The LifeWorks! program offers individuals with criminal convictions the support they need to achieve professional and personal development goals, from job readiness courses to case management and transitional programing for individuals exiting the corrections system. Families Doing Time is a program meant to support families who have an incarcerated loved one through educational support programs, childcare assistance and family reunification counseling. The Center for Women is a residential program for incarcerated women during the final years of their sentence. The goal is to facilitate a smooth and permanent reentry into the community.

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