Center For Death Penalty Litigation

Center For Death Penalty Litigation

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Center For Death Penalty Litigation (CDPL) is a non-profit law firm that represents people on death row, coordinates capital litigation across North Carolina, and serves as a clearinghouse for accurate and timely information on the N.C. death penalty. Attorneys also offer their expertise to represent some non-capital clients in North Carolina. CDPL is committed to representing indigent and disadvantaged defendants. They halt wrongful executions, help free innocent people from death row, and secure life sentences in cases that otherwise would result in unjust executions. CDPL also spearheads litigation, such as the Racial Justice Act, that addresses systemic injustices. CDPL has been a leading force in dramatically reducing the number of executions in North Carolina, and has cast light on the arbitrariness and unfairness of the state’s capital punishment system. CDPL believes that ending the unjust and inhumane death penalty is a crucial piece of criminal justice reform in North Carolina. Please visit their website to know more about their work.

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