Changing Perceptions

Changing Perceptions

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Changing Perceptions is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving formerly incarcerated individuals during reentry into the community. Staff and volunteers provide assistance to individuals who are reintegrating into the Washington, DC area through evidence-based practiced and individualized service. All participants benefit from a communal environment with individuals who invest wholly at the human level. Changing Perceptions hopes to disrupt the cycle of reincarceration through compassion and support. All new participants complete intake and receive an individualized case plan for reentry. They are also paired with a peer mentor and a specialized social worker. There are several job development programs available to participants, including part-time and long-term full-time employment in the Washington, DC community. Additionally, Changing Perceptions partners with local businesses to provide developmental courses and real world experience with entrepreneurship. For more information about specific services, individuals should contact the organization directly using the information provided on the organization website.

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