Chicago Bible Society

Chicago Bible Society

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Chicago Bible Society is a faith-based nonprofit that provides non-denominational ministry and works to ensure universal access to the Christian Bible. Their mission is to make the Bible available to those who are burdened by finances, incarceration, or hospitalization of any kind. Chicago Bible Society believes that working closely with churches and ministries of all Christian denominations is crucial to the mission of power and belief. This organization wants to bring access to God’s Word to a world that needs to hear the teachings of Christ, and to promote the study and understanding of the Bible. Through their Bibles for Jails program, Chicago Bible Society makes it possible for incarcerated individuals to obtain their own personal bible. They work directly with prison chaplains to get bibles into Cook County Jails, including Spanish language bibles. Community members can contribute to Chicago Bible Society to help ensure continued access to bibles for all individuals awaiting trial or serving out their sentences.

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