Churches Embracing Offenders (CEO)

Churches Embracing Offenders (CEO)

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Churches Embracing Offenders is a faith-based coalition of churches and community members who support reentry efforts. Volunteers are called upon by their religious conviction to provide spiritual guidance and mentorship to justice involved individuals. All those who have been directly affected by the corrections system may be eligible for services through Churches Embracing Offenders. Currently, the program is designed to support men, women and young people who are returning to the community after incarceration, as well as those under court supervision who have not been incarcerated. Currently, their services are limited to those with convictions for non-violent crimes. Clients participate in spiritual guidance and behavioral change counseling to empower them to fully reintegrate into the community with a reduced risk of recidivism. Churches Embracing Offenders pursues its core mission through a combination of partnerships with loved ones, community members, religious organizations and legal advocates. For more information about specific services, contact Churches Embracing Offenders directly.
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