Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse

Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse

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The Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse is an initiative led by the University of Michigan Law School, that brings together and analyzes information and documents about important civil rights cases across the United States. For each included case, they gather available crucial documents, including the docket sheet, which indexes the litigation’s progress in court from filing to termination; the complaint, which initiated the litigation; any decrees issued by courts or agreed to by parties; and any published opinions. If they know about other case-related resources—website, case studies, and the like—they link to or post them. (For opinions published via Lexis or Westlaw, they often provide links to those services rather than the opinions themselves, but they are also working hard to find and post public-access versions of the opinions.) Finally, the law students who work on the site also summarize each case: where, when, what was involved, outcome. They do not offer legal advice, assistance, or a referral to a lawyer.

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