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Columbia Legal Services

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Columbia Legal Services (CLS) is a community-led legal advocacy organization in Washington with a core focus on the development of community, race equity and justice. Through community-led movement lawyering and a systemic approach, Columbia Legal Services supports communities and movements by bringing deep legal expertise that is grounded in and strongly guided by an understanding of race equity. CLS advocates for laws that advance social, economic, and racial equity for people living in poverty. CLS normally only accepts impact litigation cases where the outcome of the case will typically affect a group of 100 people or more in Washington State. They use a variety of legal tools to further their mission to achieve social and economic justice for all. CLS advocates on issues such as criminal justice reform, economic justice, housing and homelessness, immigrant justice, systems reform and worker justice. Moving forward CLS aims to primarily focus its advocacy on dismantling and transforming two of the key racialized systems that perpetuate poverty, injustice, and dehumanization: mass incarceration and the impacts of the immigration system.

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