Connecting Communities and Families, Inc.

Connecting Communities and Families, Inc.

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Connecting Communities and Families, Inc. is a nonprofit organization committed to second chances and communal support for all individuals. They provide access to innovative resources, rebuild community networks, stabilize neighborhoods, nurture community interacts and creativity, and reinforce positive social interactions. Connecting Communities and Families, Inc. puts community members in direct contact with partners who offer support services and advocacy for the community. Their partners include: SisterLove, Department of Family and Children Services, GoodR, Wholistic Stress Institute, Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Center, Kamileon’s Kloset and the National Diaper Bank Network. Direct services include referral to local GED programs, computer literacy training, life coaching and skills training, notary services, assistance expunging criminal records, job readiness training, OSHA-30 training and referrals to numerous community organizations. These services and partnerships are designed to assist vulnerable individuals who face barriers to independent living due to generational poverty, trauma and/or involvement with the criminal justice system.
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