Contra Costa County,CA Public Defender’s Walnut Creek Branch

Contra Costa County,CA Public Defender’s Walnut Creek Branch

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The goal of Contra Costa Public Defender’s (CCPD) Walnut Creek’s Office is to serve the best interests of their clients. CCPD dedicates all available resources to their clients’ cases, thereby ensuring that each client receives excellent, individualized representation. CCPD represent adults charged with crimes (misdemeanor or felony) or violations of probation; and minors (persons under 18) charged in the juvenile court. Public defenders do not represent persons accused of traffic violations or any code infraction which cannot result in a jail sentence. Public defenders are also sometimes appointed for representation of persons potentially subject to LPS proceedings under the law relating to involuntary civil mental health committments. Along with criminal defense, the CCPD offers resources in California for defendants and their loved ones. They also provide guidance on Proposition 47, know your rights such as voting, police stops, and other rights. Contra Costa Public Defender’s Office also provides assistance with the clean slate program. To learn more, contact the CCPD office at the contact information provided.
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