Crossways Ministries

Crossways Ministries

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Crossways Ministries is a faith-based organization that serves incarcerated individuals and their families through discipleship. Since their foundation in 1994, Crossways Ministries has been dedicated to transforming the lives of incarcerated people with felony convictions, and their children and families throughout the criminal justice system by providing purposeful discipleship that continues through release, transition, and restoration to the community. Crossways nurtures relationships with currently incarcerated people through an extensive Bible-based responsible living curriculum, fellowship, counseling, mentoring, and correspondence. Other Ministry teams from the local church accompany Crossways’ team to their in-prison Bible studies to come alongside incarcerated individuals for in-depth Biblical discipleship. In addition to prison ministry services, Crossways offers reentry support services such as assistance with job placement, access to affordable approved housing, community compliance, post-prison discipleship, and connections to local churches. Crossways works directly with incarcerated people and mentors to help facilitate the transition. Contact Crossways Ministries directly for more information on their services.
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