David’s Hope

David’s Hope

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David’s Hope is a nonprofit organization that aims to reduce incarceration and promote treatment for those with mental illness and addictions in Arizona. Their mission is to reduce the number of incarcerated people with mental disorders and addictions through prevention, intervention, and treatment. David’s Hope provides education and mentoring, teaching people how to advocate for themselves and others. In addition, David’s Hope works to support people with psychiatric disabilities at risk of becoming or already involved in our criminal justice system. They also collaborate in the community to share information, training, and resources. Through education and mentoring, this organization hopes to create understanding in the community of the issues facing those living with mental illness involved in the criminal justice system. Finally, David’s Hope coalition serves the formerly incarcerated by offering them the reentry services needed to rebuild hope for themselves and those whose lives they touch. For more information on the services provided by David’s Hope, please contact them directly.
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