Destiny Re-entry Program

Destiny Re-entry Program

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Destiny Reentry Resource Center is a faith based program that serves formerly incarcerated individuals during their return to the community. Their mission is to reduce recidivism and help participants permanently reintegrate into the community after incarceration. Volunteers understand that two of the most important factors during reentry are stable housing and sustainable employment. Bible Way Christian Center, the organization behind Destiny Reentry Resource Center, works directly with the Santa Clara County Reentry Department to provide support and services to individuals during and after their release from Santa Clara County correctional facilities. Direct services through the program include job readiness training, educational assistance, life skills and computer training, recovery services, support for loved ones and transportation assistance. Destiny Reentry Resource Center also offers referral services to help participants obtain employment, locate legal support, access food and clothing pantries, find medical care and apply for transitional housing. For more information about specific services, contact the organization directly.
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