Dismas Charities, Inc. Arizona Residential Re-entry Center

Dismas Charities, Inc. Arizona Residential Re-entry Center

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Dismas Charities, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that operates a Residential Re-entry Center (RRC) in Arizona. They serve as the primary re-entry point for men and women returning to society from state and federal prisons each year. In addition, Dismas operates 33 state and federal residential re-entry centers and support offices in 14 states. Dismas Charities gives men and women releasing from state and federal incarceration the skills and motivation to re-enter society as contributing members. The work of Dismas is to end the cycle of victimization and to heal the human spirit. At their re-entry centers across the nation, Dismas provides a range of tailored services that address specific community needs and meets or exceeds stringent government regulations associated with residential re-entry centers. They provide education, employment assistance and support services — from clothing to family counseling and support to medical assistance. For more information about the services offered at Arizona RRC, please contact the Dismas Charities, Inc.
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