Elkhart County Jail Ministry

Elkhart County Jail Ministry

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Jail Ministry of Elkhart County is a faith-based organization that offers incarcerated persons spiritual direction, rehabilitative support, and connections to faith communities. Their goal is to help the justice-impacted people to become better adjusted and make a new life for themselves. The organization’s mission is to provide an opportunity for spiritual growth and create an environment for incarcerated people that will awaken, renew and stimulate their spiritual life, thereby promoting behavioral change, social reintegration and personal well-being. They also partner with the Center for Community Justice to connect formerly incarcerated individuals with public services that can assist with: how to obtain a Social Security card; how to obtain an Indiana I.D. or license; family social service resources; energy assistance resources; shelters and housing programs; alcohol and substance abuse support; food pantries and nutrition assistance programs; soup kitchens and meal programs; a list of employers open to hiring those with prior criminal convictions. To know more about the ministry and their services, please contact them directly.
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