Federal Defenders of San Diego, Inc.’s El Centro Office

Federal Defenders of San Diego, Inc.’s El Centro Office

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Federal Defenders of San Diego, Inc., is a private, non-profit corporation representing indigent persons accused of federal criminal offenses. It is the Federal Community Defender Organization for the Southern District of California and is based in San Diego. They are appointed to represent indigent persons accused of criminal offenses in federal court. Members of the Federal Defenders team share a commitment to excellence and a passion for justice in representing indigent people accused of myriad federal criminal offenses by combining hard work, constant training and intense dedication in the defense of each of their clients. The majority of their clients are charged with drug and immigration related offenses. But they also have the opportunity to represent clients facing a wide variety of federal charges, including bank robbery, fraud, counterfeiting, pornography, assault, and firearms offenses. If you are under investigation for a federal offense or if you were contacted by a federal law enforcement agency or any other agency concerning a federal investigation or alleged crime that could be federal, you may need a Federal Community Defender. For more information, contact the Office of Federal Public Defender office using the information provided on this page.
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