Fishers of Men Prison Ministries

Fishers of Men Prison Ministries

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Fishers of Men Prison Ministries is a faith-based nonprofit organization that serves incarcerated individuals through bible-based mentorship and ministry. They focus on giving voice to incarcerated individuals to share their experiences while also sharing the gospel through prison ministry and encouraging others to accept Christ as their own personal Savior. The Fishers of Men Newsletter is available in corrections facilities throughout the United States, Canada and to others outside the system via the internet. Fishers of Men Prison Ministries wants to help incarcerated individuals grow in spirit through personal development and community engagement so that those to whom they are ministering can receive the kind of peace that is obtainable. The organization accepts names and addresses of inmates that love to write Christian stories, either fiction or non-fiction, biographical or poetry about God. Fishers of Men Prison Ministries welcomes drawings that could help advance their newsletter. The goal of Fishers of Men Prison Ministries is to help incarcerated individuals receive the word of God in a personal direction.

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