Frederick Douglass Project For Justice, Inc.

Frederick Douglass Project For Justice, Inc.

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The Frederick Douglass Project for Justice is a nonprofit organization that seeks to bring incarcerated people and community members together for face-to-face conversations that highlight our shared humanity. They seek to create a multi-state Prison Visitation Program that enables community members around the country to visit local correctional facilities and engage in open, face-to-face conversations with the incarcerated. They facilitate structured meetings and respectful conversations between members of a free society and incarcerated people so that they can learn from each other, form powerful human connections, and transform both their own lives and society at large. Their flagship Prison Visitation Program is structured around four key beliefs: The Power of Personal Connection, Accountability, Transformation is Possible and The Right to Dignity. Visitor cohorts of 15-20 adults will be comprised of independent individuals, several smaller groups, or a single coordinated entity (such as a book club, church group, or college class), depending on the visitors’ specific goals. At the visit, participants will be given a tour of the facility, followed by face-to-face conversation with a similarly sized group of incarcerated adults.  These conversations will be led and facilitated by Douglass Program staff, using proven tools and techniques that encourage respectful sharing and honest and dignified discussion.

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