Free Minds Book Club & Writing Workshop

Free Minds Book Club & Writing Workshop

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Free Minds Book Club and Writing Workshop is a community organization dedicated to improving literacy for young people. Their mission is to empower the community to support and facilitate personal development and systems of change for justice involved young people through increased access to literary arts, job development, trauma counseling and recovery, peace-building and a more democratic society. Their most visible work includes regular book club and writing workshop meetings, but Free Minds Book Club and Writing Workshop also provides direct services for formerly incarcerated people during the reentry process. Their services include assistance locating potential job opportunities and preparing for interviews, job skills training, individual case management and mentorship, support for recipients of the Incarceration Reduction Amendment Act, assistance building credit after incarceration, targeted discussion groups on historically racist practices like redlining and gerrymandering, mentorship, and referrals to community organizations. For more information about specific services, contact the organization directly.
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