Genesis Mission

Genesis Mission

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Genesis Mention is a faith-based organization that offers residential services to support individuals who face barriers to independent living. Their mission is to offer Christian-based housing to veterans, ex-offenders and men experiencing homelessness who would benefit from support services that ensure their successful, responsible, and permanent reentry into the community through transitional living communities. Residential care is designed to address the underlying barriers that often contribute to re-incarceration and homelessness, such as substance abuse, mental health disorders and generational poverty. Residents live in a structured environment and participate as a collective to care for their living space. They also attend weekly meetings and tend to any requirements outlined by court ordered supervision. Mentors instruct participants on basic life skills ranging from how to budget and shop for groceries to securing employment and establishing credit. For more information on specific services offered by the organization, contact them directly using the information on this page.
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