Geo Reentry Services, Idaho

Geo Reentry Services, Idaho

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Reentry Idaho is a community based organization dedicated to reducing recidivism by providing direct services to individuals released back into the community. Idaho’s Connection and Intervention Stations assist participants with altering criminal behavior and effectively reintegrating into the community, while also working with the Idaho Department of Correction to reduce recidivism. Their non-residential, research-based programs help disrupt the cycle of repeat criminal behavior by establishing a system of accountability and structure. Participants also gain access to exclusive community resources that may help them find employment, education, housing and more. These programs and services encourage participants to challenge criminogenic beliefs, build purposeful social networks and practice pro-social decision-making. The goal of Reentry Idaho is to act as an advocate organization for the rights of incarcerated individuals, including the right to reintegrate without facing discriminatory practices from potential employers, landlords, etc. For more information about specific services, individuals should contact the organization directly.
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