Habeas Corpus Resource Center

Habeas Corpus Resource Center

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The Habeas Corpus Resource Center, based in San Francisco, serves indigent individuals who have been sentenced to death in California. The mission of the organization is to ensure that all individuals sentenced to death who have petitioned for habeas corpus proceedings have access to quality, swift legal representation. Additionally, the Habeas Corpus Resource Center actively recruits and trains attorneys interested in serving incarcerated individuals in habeas corpus proceeds, with a goal of continually expanding the network of private attorneys available to represent incarcerated individuals in their time of need. Most individuals facing death in the state of California will require extensive legal representation, as their appeals documents often include thousands of pages in court proceedings. With this in mind, attorneys through Habeas Corpus Resource Center are specifically trained for habeas corpus proceedings and maintain a strong team of legal workers. For more information about representation or services, contact the organization directly.
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