​His Healing Hand Ministries

​His Healing Hand Ministries

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His Healing Hand Ministries is a faith-based nonprofit organization that provides services for low income individuals and those impacted by the justice system. Volunteers with the organization provide services to currently and formerly incarcerated individuals, including those on probation and parole. Those inside correctional facilities receive spiritual guidance and support as they plan for a return to the community. Formerly incarcerated individuals can access numerous support services designed to ease the reentry process, such as vocational services, treatment services, and assistance accessing government benefits. His Healing Hand Ministries connects individuals with short term housing and recovery treatment facilities as well. For job seekers, staff and volunteers can assist with locating potential employers who do not discriminate against those with criminal records. One of the most important services provided at every step is mentorship and spiritual guidance. For more information about specific services, individuals should contact His Healing Hand Ministries directly.
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