Huruma, Inc.

Huruma, Inc.

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Huruma, Inc. is a nonprofit reintegration initiative serving Philadelphia, Southern New Jersey, and the surrounding areas. Their mission is to prevent youth from entering the Prison Systems through a series of strategic curricula that is designed to successfully develop and empower clients to become productive citizens in their communities. Huruma teaches their scholars important life skills and concepts that are not typically taught in schools and classroom settings. By integrating recreational, fun activities with learning Huruma is able to achieve a balanced approach in preventing youth incarceration. Huruma also serves formerly incarcerated citizens who have recently been released back into their communities. They use comprehensive and strategic systems specifically designed to help meet the challenges of returning citizens and help them navigate and reintegrate back into society. Huruma’s goals are to reduce recidivism, transform lives, and empower returning citizens to give back to the communities in which they live. Contact Huruma directly for more information on their services.

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