ICNA Council for Social Justice- Muslim Prisoner Support Project

ICNA Council for Social Justice- Muslim Prisoner Support Project

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ICNA’s Muslim Prisoner Support Project aims to support Muslim incarcerated people serving time in detention and correctional facilities by providing them with prayer services, Islamic education, permissible food, and other supplies as they navigate their time in the prison system. They also help to arrange chaplaincy services and provide religious leaders when requested. They hope to take our work further in the coming years, by providing legal services and legal advocacy to those facing religious discrimination behind bars. They send religious books, prayer rugs, and headscarves to local prisons and made arrangements for local clergy to serve as chaplains to the institutions. They also focus on academic and educational development as well as spiritual and moral education, while preparing one to become an asset to the community. At ICNA CSJ, they believe that religion is not just a grounding experience that tethers humans to their societies, but also a constitutional right that must be guaranteed even under the harsh extremes of incarceration. They aim to ensure that our community is allowed their constitutional right to practice their religion, even when all their other freedoms have been stripped away.

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