Idaho Innocence Project

Idaho Innocence Project

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The Idaho Innocence Project is part of the Forensic Justice Project at Boise State University. Its mission is to correct and prevent wrongful convictions in Idaho through research, education, and litigation. As a part of the Forensic Justice Program at Boise State University, the Innocence Project investigates DNA cases throughout the US and abroad. The Idaho Innocence Project only accepts letters directly from prisoners who claim actual innocence. The acceptance criteria for a project is that the prisoner must write directly for assistance, clearly stating his or her innocence. Do not send legal documents to them directly. Letters should be from Idaho prisoners with at least 5 years remaining on his or her sentence. They only accept post-conviction cases from prisoners who do not currently have legal counsel. If you have a lawyer, please do not write to them. They usually will respond to your letter and let you know if they need any other information before making a decision about your case.

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