Innocence Matters

Innocence Matters

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Innocence Matters is a nonprofit organization that protects the innocent and prevents wrongful convictions by identifying and rectifying systemic practices that impede our search for truth. Their work is focused on developing education, prevention and reform measures that will protect those most at risk and that will encourage the legal community to more quickly acknowledge and correct errors. They are a second-look organization for people who were wrongly convicted in Los Angeles County.  To be eligible for their services, the applicant must be factually innocent, be willing to take, and able to pass a polygraph, be incarcerated on a Los Angeles County case, have been rejected by the California Innocence Project. Innocent Matter organizes courses and seminars such as the “I Am Innocent!”, a preventative seminar and “Investigating Innocence” an online course for future and current lawyers and investigators. If you or a loved one are eligible, send a letter to Innocence Matters at the address provided with details about the claims of innocence.  

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